Billions of tons of good materials are left over from global fashion production.

Reverse Resources is developing a smarter way of managing textile leftovers. We make software which creates new business opportunities in the fashion industry.  We are enabling new ways of closing the loop in the industry:

Any idea how much waste you actually create?

Our research shows that the quantity of leftover materials is highly underestimated because they aren't properly sorted and measured. The potential monetary value of the leftovers is also not clear. How much would the leftovers be worth if you could use those materials again in new products or sell to a wider audience than local vendors? Let's create the needed transparency!

Simplify your leftover inventory!

It is not possible to get leftover materials back into circulation efficiently if they are mixed up and piled together on the production floor. The cost doubles if you try to sort mixed leftovers! Our platform helps to figure out which materials could be reused and which could be recycled better. It helps to manage the leftovers quickly and easily – integrated with the production processes. Let's simplify waste management!

Turn the leftovers into profit with online data!

Most of the factories we've seen have an ERP system in place, but leftovers are not included. The data about excess materials is static and inaccurate. The leftovers are usually diverse and differ each month, meaning that it takes extra effort to find a good solution for using the leftovers. Our system for leftovers will take care of it for you!

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