We are happy to announce that our pilot project with H&M has had a successful kickoff. In June, Reverse Resources spent two weeks in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hong Kong visiting factories and talking to people like cleaning ladies, factory managers and everyone in between. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all who made us feel so welcome.

The point of the pilot project is to validate our business plan. Easier said than done. What one manufacturer considers waste is a valuable resource for another. But all have a valid rationale for their behaviour which must be understood.
Due to the cooperation with H&M and two of their suppliers in Suzhou (near Shanghai) we had the chance to poke around the process of garment production, and systematically analyse what happens to the textile leftovers. 
Factory floor, Suzhou

Cleaning lady in action
We observed working conditions, followed cleaning ladies in action, asked thousands of questions, and tracked hundreds of paper notes and pdf files throughout the production process. Some thorough analysis will follow.

The H&M China office has been most helpful in putting us in touch with some of their suppliers. Now it is up to us to prove our worth. In the upcoming weeks and months we will develop our product prototype. In mid-August, we will again go to China and to our beloved factories for testing. Exciting times!

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