China is slowly becoming our second home, figuratively speaking of course. Reverse Resources team visited Shanghai in the end of April and will do so again in June. A lot is happening.
Between 22-29.04 we took part in the education and research week organised by the H&M Foundation. The event was very well managed, located in downtown Shanghai between the glitz and glitter of Nanjing West road. Shanghai truly is a global city.

All winners of the Global Change Award 2015 were present, plus the early bird winners from Korea. It is safe to say now that we are no longer merely a bunch of lucky colleagues, but a team of friends. Talks of an alumni network are at foot.

Roundtable event at H&M in Shanghai

The entire week was most useful. We had meetings in the H&M Shanghai head office and visited several of their suppliers. It was very interesting to stick our nose up close to fabric and garment production, to learn how a factory with thousands of workers operates and, ultimately, what happens to their leftovers.
Visiting a fabric factory in Suzhou

Dyeing process

Quality control

We are much wiser now. Our understanding of the H&M expectations and their suppliers' needs have grown exponentially. It is quite clear that even the bigger garment manufacturers lack the capacity to deal with their leftovers and need our waste management solutions.

The future is bright. We finally have a solid contact inside the H&M supply chain and their interest towards our solution is no longer in doubt. We are currently working on three pilot projects with three different H&M suppliers and, as said, will visit them in the end of June. 

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