We give textile recyclers access to high-quality waste with least cost and full transparency, straight from source.

We take care that waste from garment factories gets recycled in best possible way.

In our network we have 

10,000+ tonnes/month of waste recycling capacity &

25,000 tonnes/month of waste from fabric mills and garment factories from

14 countries in Europe and Asia

Garment & fabric suppliers

Find match to your waste and get best possible market price for your waste

Get full traceability of where and how your waste is getting recycled

Textile waste handlers

Participate in first fully transparent service for delivering waste end to end.

Take part in market expansion through increased value and efficiency for your clients.

Recycling plants

Get control of your feedstock and access to most trustworthy sources.

Get access to high-quality textile waste segregated at source by exact waste composition & with full background information provided.

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