We believe that waste is the most valuable resource for the emerging age of circular economy, and needs to be treated as such. 

Reverse Resources is a tracking and trading platform for textile waste, providing 360 degree transparency of the waste flows. It’s like an Uber of textile waste. 

Recycling textiles to fashion products is no more a technical challenge. It’s a problem of blocked access to waste, incomplete waste data and inflated prices caused by the current waste handling and trading practices. 

RR holds a key to a large global network of critical stakeholders. We match the supply and demand, break down market barriers, shorten supply chains and thereby increasing value along the way. We help to bring down the cost of textile-to-textile recycling and support the scale-up of circular economy. 

Our team

Ann Runnel
Founder & CEO
Ann has been researching eco-innovation in the textile industry since 2010 to understand how great sustainable innovations could be scaled up. With her background in economics, she is driven by the question how can circular economy be set up profitably and efficiently on global scale.

Nin Castle
Co-founder, Lead of Recycling Community & Projects
Nin ran her upcycled, design-led brand Goodone for 8 years. Since joining RR in 2017 she has been leading development of the network of waste suppliers, handlers and recyclers. She is leading our collaboration projects across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Dea Lasting
Co-founder (on maternity leave)
After setting up Ignite, a software development company, Reverse Resources is a new interesting challenge for her. Her role in the team is leading the development of the processes and making sure the team delivers. 

Madis Peebo
Chief Technology Officer
Madis joined us together with Triin from Nevercode. They worked together well in the previous team, and are now doing wonders with the development of RR tool.

Mari-Liis Link
Visual & UX designer
Mari-Liis brought colours and good looks of our presentation materials to the team. As part of the product team she helps us improve the user experience of our digital tools.

Marieke Koemans-Kokkelink

Lead of Sales & Marketing

Marieke joined the team in end of 2018 and has since then led the work of market discovery and new leads. She is our eyes and ears as well as our big heart helping us to push things forward and listen to the    industry. 

Mumit Hasan
Lead of Operations in Bangladesh
Mumit joined us in end of 2020 from his previous position at Li & Fung. He brought along endless energy and great work culture to lead us through the scale-up phase in Bangladesh.

Hemel Bhuiya
Project Manager
Hemel had a 2-year experience from garment production in Bangladesh and wrote his master thesis about the issue of textile waste. He has been doing fieldwork for RR in Dhaka and Sri Lanka.

Maxime Bourland
Lead of Business Development & Research
Max joined us from IKEA Poland where he was leading the setup of their circular strategy. He joined RR in June 2019 to help us carry out large waste mapping surveys and market analyses in new target countries.

Harshitha Venati
Country Manager, India
Having previous experience as investment analyst in Intellecap and then as Director of Sales and Operations in Popular Polypack, Harshitha has very good strategical business development skills. She joined RR in January 2021 to start building our operations in India.

Shamiul Hoque
Shamiul fell in love with RR's mission and joined us in May 2019 coming from previous position in H&M Dhaka office. After helping RR off the ground he moved on to work for Target Australia to expand his knowledge across circularity space in other materials, but remained with RR as an advisor.