We believe that waste is the most valuable resource for the emerging age of circular economy, and needs to be treated as such. 

Reverse Resources is a tracking and trading platform for textile waste, providing 360 degree transparency of the waste flows. It’s like an Uber of textile waste. 

Recycling textiles to fashion products is no longer a technical challenge. It’s a problem of blocked access to waste, incomplete waste data and inflated prices caused by the current waste handling and trading practices. 

RR holds a key to a large global network of critical stakeholders. We match the supply and demand, break down market barriers, shorten supply chains and thereby increasing value along the way. We help to bring down the cost of textile-to-textile recycling and support the scale-up of circular economy. 

Our team

Ann Runnel
Founder & CEO

Ann has been researching eco-innovation in the textile industry since 2010 to understand how great sustainable innovations could be scaled up. With her background in economics, she is driven by the question how can circular economy be set up profitably and efficiently on global scale.

Nin Castle
Co-founder & Chief Programme Officer

Nin ran her upcycled, design-led brand Goodone for 8 years. Since joining RR in 2017 she has been leading development of the network of waste suppliers, handlers and recyclers. She is leading our collaboration projects across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Marius Golden

Marius joined our team in August 2021. With his vast experience building and leading companies he brought structure and a good new rhythm to the teamwork, solving problems with kindness and an open heart. He hails from South-Africa, lives between Taiwan and South Africa, but is now making the move to join the team in Estonia to focus on scaling RR's business.

Madis Peebo
Chief Technology Officer

Madis joined us from Nevercode in July 2020 and single-handedly built a fabulous first product for us throughout the first year. He is now leading the platform team.

Henry Koekemoer
Software Developer

Henry is a self-taught developer, passionate about all things software. He has worked on development projects focusing on intelligent data extraction, building platforms that predicts hot water usage and full stack mobile applications. When he's not at his workstation, you can find him in nature where he enjoys hiking and rock climbing. Fun (though not unsurprising) fact, he loves wearing hoodies.

Airit Simsel
Junior Software Developer

Airit kicked off her career with a Bachelor's degree in fashion design. Over time she realized the fashion industry already has an abundance of design ideas and trends. It dawned on her - what it needs is innovation and a radical new way of thinking. She decided to pivot and study software development. While looking for an internship, she read an article about Reverse Resources and decided she wanted to know more. After a 6-month internship she is now employed as a junior developer.

Lara Podkuiko
Data Developer

Lara is our data developer. Her background is in ecology and environmental technology and hence she is deeply interested in global issues and curious about potential solutions for a sustainable future. Working at RR is giving her a deeper understanding of problems and developments in the textile industry and the circular economy as a whole.

Raffaella Carluccio
 Project co-ordinator

Raffaella is passionate about textiles and circularity. She has worked in knitwear design and production and recently completed a Master's degree in Sustainability. Inspired by nature's chaotic harmony, she coordinates and liaises programs and collaboration projects for RR.

Mari-Liis Link
Graphic designer, UX & UI

Mari-Liis brought colours and good looks of our presentation materials to the team. As part of the product development team she helps us improve the user experience of our digital tools.

Marieke Koemans-Kokkelink
Lead of Sales

Marieke joined the team in end of 2018 and has since then led the work of market discovery and new leads. She is our eyes and ears as well as our big heart helping us to push things forward and listen to the industry. 

Mumit Hasan
Head of Operations, Bangladesh

Mumit joined us in 2020. He previously worked at Li & Fung. He is deeply dedicated to improving our processes and client satisfaction. He has taken the lead in scaling up our operations in Bangladesh.

Ahmed Ali
Business & Operations Manager, Bangladesh

Ahmed is a qualified textile engineer and has gained industry experience working in several notable Textile factories in different roles and responsibilities. Ahmed is a high achiever and amongst his many accolades served as a brand ambassador for UNGC. In his own words, "I aspire to be a light bearer for a better world”.

Nirjhar Nath
Operations Support Officer, Bangladesh

Nirjhar is a passionate and focused person with an eye for detail who has long wanted to be a part of the world of circular business models. He has always excelled in his career and studies and hopes to continue doing so through his work at RR, focused on maintaining and improving our operations in Bangladesh.

Hemel Bhuiya
Technical client support

Before joining us, Hemel had accumulated experience in garment production in Bangladesh. He completed a Masters degree in Estonia on the challenges of textile waste. He was doing fieldwork for RR in Bangladesh for 4 years and is now back in Estonia in the client support role.

Maxime Bourland
Program & Research Manager

Max joined us from IKEA Poland where he was leading the setup of their circular strategy. He joined RR in June 2019 to help us carry out large waste mapping surveys and market analyses in new target countries.

Ranjit Sasi
Business Development Manager, India

Ranjit has many years of experience in the textile industry. Amongst his noteworthy achievements, he has worked with Intertek and TUV SUD at a senior management level. On top of this, Ranjit has ‘start up’ experience in India from which RR benefits greatly. He is passionate about circularity and sustainability.

Harshitha Venati
Programme Manager

Harshitha started her career as an investment analyst at Intellecap. After this she took on the role of Director of Sales and Operations in Popular Polypack where she honed her understanding of strategic business development and processes. She joined RR in January 2021 to start building our operations in India and now focuses on programme management of multinational projects.

Shamiul fell in love with RR's mission and joined us in May 2019 coming from previous position in H&M Dhaka office. After helping RR off the ground he moved on to work for Target Australia to expand his knowledge across circularity space in other materials, but remained with RR as an advisor.

Dea Lasting

Dea has great experience with software product development having set-up a successful company in this space and years of experience with working in and running with software development teams. As one of the key team members of RR since the beginning, although she now is home with twins, she has stayed with us with her support and advice.