Reverse Resources is a Software as a Service platform for global fashion brands and textile recyclers for steering and tracing textile waste from source to recycling. While already collaborating with 12 of the largest global fashion brands (incl. H&M Group, C&A, PVH and many others), we are fundamentally disrupting the value chain of how waste from garment mass-production is handled and turned into new resources by recyclers.

Our platform connects 4 different types of users (brands, factories, waste handlers, recyclers) into a central digital platform and allows daily data sharing for matchmaking and tracing waste to recycling. Step by step, we are moving into building a first-of-its-kind commodity market for the global fashion industry to exchange textile fibre as a critical resource for the industry. We maintain mass-balance oversight and build statistics of the movement of the materials beyond the supply chains, regardless of the legal ownership and organisational boundaries. We’ve figured out the business case, built part of the core functionality and our client base and operations are growing both in South-East Asia (key operations in Bangladesh, India, etc), North-Africa and Europe. We now need to strengthen our SaaS product so that we can scale properly and reach the impact the world needs.

How You’ll Spend Your Time

  • Working with a balanced team to design, validate, prioritize, deliver, measure, evolve, maintain, and retire software that delivers user value and impacts business metrics.
  • Conducting, synthesizing, and analyzing user research to validate/disprove assumptions about the problem and solution space.
  • Breaking down work into an actionable backlog of user stories for development and help prioritise/arrange the backlog based on company OKRs.
  • Running experiments, and measuring if we’re on the right track.
  • Storytelling about the product, and the product development process.
  • Travelling to visit our clients and remote teams to get the experience ‘on the ground’
  • Facilitating and improving the product development process: fixing any communication gaps around requirements or result verification

What You’ll Bring

  • Passion for our mission of turning the fashion industry circular.
  • 3+ years of experience, notably on SaaS platforms applying a version of agile/lean startup/user-centered design. Preferrably also some experience with commodity markets, trading systems or marketplaces.
  • Your bias for action, collaboration, lightweight processes, and tight feedback loops.
  • Your approach to
  • Finding the best route for our clients to get the job done effectively
  • Understanding if the product is on the right track
  • Identifying and managing commercial pathways of the product
  • Bringing a holistic mindset to product development
  • Developing product-centered thinking in the team
  • Your ability to
  • Understand and analyse systemic interdependencies
  • Communicate and visualise complexity across multicultural team and client base
  • Continuously give and receive honest, direct, productive, and respectful feedback
  • Meet people where they are, and apply active listening
  • Your availability within +/- 2 hour timezone to our HQ in Estonia. Due to a project starting in the UK, preference is given to candidates who are tax residents in the UK.

Why We Love Working Here

  • RR is impact-first and mission driven company, driving the shift to circular economy
  • We have an amazing team culture with high diversity across many locations
  • We prioritize work-life balance while considering different common practices in different regions where we have a presence
  • For key roles in the team we offer opportunity for to become part of the option scheme

If you are interested to apply, please send your LinkedIn profile link (or CV) and motivation letter to and we will contact you shortly.