Insights About Textile Recycling

The IDH and Reverse Resources joint project invites brands to become part of the textile recycling revolution in India

The IDH project represents a collective endeavour aimed at tackling the issue of textile waste within India’s fashion and textile sector, fostering a systematic collaboration among various stakeholders.

Why are we doing this?

With the ever-increasing global consumption, the durability of clothing is dwindling. Currently, around 56 million tons of clothing are produced and purchased annually, with projections indicating a rise to 160 million tons by 2050. Shockingly, less than 1% of this is recycled into new clothes, leading to a significant environmental impact. This waste either ends up in landfills or is incinerated, contributing to higher emissions and pushing us further away from achieving net-zero targets.

According to “Wealth in Waste” report, approximately 8.5% of global textile waste is accumulated in India every year. 59% of this waste finds its way back into the textile industry through reuse and recycling but only a fraction of this makes it back into the high-end global supply chains due to quality and visibility challenges. Despite recent innovations and enabling technologies, industry stakeholders face challenges in navigating this landscape. The Alternate Materials Accelerator Program aims to work collaboratively with key industry players and close the loop on textile and apparel waste in the country.

Project overview

The IDH project, set to run until 2025, aims to bridge the gap between various stakeholders by encouraging the entire supply chain for collaboration, therefore unlocking an immense potential in the recycling industry.

The project focuses on several aspects, including enrolling and educating 520 manufacturing facilities, 65 recycling and waste handlers on the RR platform, and engaging around 3,500 factory workers. The RR platform aims to track about 50,000 metric tonnes of separated waste from source to recycling by 2025, utilising data and digital traceability.

Our mission

At the core of our mission is the belief that a thriving recycling industry benefits not only businesses but also society and the environment. By fostering inclusivity, enhancing product quality, and promoting transparency, we are poised to transform the textile recycling landscape in India.