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Bangladesh is getting interested in high-end recycling of its textile waste, transparently

With 400 000 tonnes of production waste available in Bangladesh per year, there is currently almost no recycling industry to use that waste again for high-quality yarn and fabric production. RR has been suggesting strategic steps to move ahead in mapping out the waste and making it appealing for new recycling technologies to see BD as their target market for further investments. It all starts by collaboration and networking around closing the loop and testing out technologies.
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Reverse Resources turns five

Reverse Resources started its journey 5 years ago with merely an idea of what could be done about textile production waste. Little could we imagine the journey and discoveries ahead. And still now, after all these years, it feels like it's just the start of something much bigger. But over the 5 years we've achieved some amazing things, so time to take a quick look back. 
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The mindset about textile waste in Bangladesh is changing and we are glad to be part of it

Reverse Resources had a great opportunity to take part in the 2nd Bangladesh Fashionology Summit on May2, 2019 thanks to our cooperation with Fashion For Good. As part of that Mr. Mostafiz Uddin, the key organiser of the Summit, gave us great support in promoting what we do. It was impressive to see how the story on textile waste and the great opportunity raising from new emerging recycling markets for Bangladesh started to spread with a light-speed.
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