We help setting up transparent trading and tracing of cutting scraps from textile manufacturers to recycling plants. Our platform offers win-win value for different stakeholders:
  • Recyclers can have access to cutting scraps pre-segregated next to cutting line by composition, colour, etc. We offer easy sourcing, higher assured quality of input material, lower contamination of output and thereby decrease lead times to produce new yarns or textile products. We don't offer logistics, but help with matchmaking and provide full background information of the scraps through a tracking system back to the cutting room and the fabric mill where your feedstock comes from.
  • Garment factories and fabric mills can get fast market information which scraps are worth to segregate in production to get a higher price for the yarn waste and cutting scraps.
  • Traders and waste management companies are there to offer storage and logistics services while RR helps increasing efficiency and transparency of the material flows from client to client. We help organising the inventory from factory to recycling and provide online matchmaking support to find best next buyers for different mixed materials so that step-by-step we can decrease volumes of leftovers that currently end up dumped, landfilled or incinerated.
  • Retailing brands can trace their own leftovers through different lifecycle and get proof of circularity reports (supply chain waste circularity as a KPI).