Reverse Resources is redefining textile waste as a resource. We are an aggregator creating data intelligence to make waste visible, usable and traceable. 

Textile industry is one of the most polluting industry sectors in the world. Production waste from large fabric and garment production factories is one part of the problem. With an emerging high-end fibre-2-fibre recycling market the industry now on the brink of amazing new opportunities. RR is part of this new emerging market, helping to bring down market barriers for scaling circular economy.

We disrupt the waste trading sector and facilitate exchange of waste in a new, smarter way. We define ourselves by being passionate about our mission, courageous to face the challenges. We target impact as first priority and build integrity for the global textile industry. We are rebellious, pragmatic, smart and vibrant in what we do. And we truly are a global company.

We have proven our business case, we know what our product and service needs to be (although still under development) and we have our first happy customers working with us. We are now ready to expand the team to reach the next targets and to prepare for scaling our solution.

Thus, we are looking for an 

Executive Director

to help us develop company key processes, help us drive company growth, and lead some of the underlying operations of the business. Working closely together with our CEO, you will help us improving and implementing strategic plans and company policies, maintaining an open dialogue with our partners to offer best workflow experience, and driving organisational success through leading team performance. Considering the small size of our team and the huge challenge ahead, we look for someone who can be flexible in the role to change and help us get the job done to prepare for scaling. We are looking for someone who knows well the start-up world and understands that are many unknown issues we need to solve on the way, but the learning curve eventually is highly rewarding.

The role of the executive director means dealing with following topics:

  • Developing and executing internal processes so that all team is aligned with how to deliver best services to our clients and achieve our short and long-term goals.

  • Helping to prepare the company for scaling. Designing the internal structure of the company, team roles, functions.

  • Overseeing the company's business operations, finances, as well as grants and funding schemes RR is involved with. 

  • Take care of reporting (funding reports) to our key partners and grant authorities. 

  • Taking the lead in developing cooperation agreements (terms and conditions) and performance routines with our clients and partners. Being the owner of the documents while gathering input from the stakeholders.

  • Helping out with some of the HR tasks - improving and keeping track of daily routines that help improve team communication and performance. Improve internal process flows.  

  • Ensuring company policies and guidelines are well established and clearly communicated.

  • Assessing, managing, and resolving problematic developments and situations.

  • Building and enhancing the company's public profile at events, speaking engagements, social media etc.

The challenges you will face:

  • Geographically wide scope. Our team is spread across Estonia, Spain, Netherlands, Bangladesh and Poland. And our business operations are running in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Morocco and Europe. Although most of our work is well organised online, you need to be ready for travelling as well.

  • Operations are still to be developed. RR follows the methods and patterns of building an IT service, but given the industry we are in (textile sector is highly conservative), the reality is that most of our operations run currently physically and manually. It will be part of your challenge to help us build fluent operations behind an online service that can be scaled up.

  • Challenges of scaling up. In the beginning, due to the small team and flat hierarchy you will be involved in everything, helping us to get things done. However, we expect to start scaling the business in the second half of the year and need you to help us lead the team through that phase of growing up.

Skills and characteristics required:

  • Degree in business, marketing or a related field. 

  • Experience as a manager or team lead or a similar role, incl. experience in building and growing well-performing teams. 

  • Experience with large scale partnerships and projects.

  • Excellent communication, negotiation, and presentation skills.

  • Strong analytical, strategic, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills mixed with desire to get things done.

  • Patience to work on details. Great skills of developing amazing documents and sharp insights.

  • High motivation to create impact.

Preferences: prior relationships with the start-up scenery of Estonia is preferred.

If you are interested to apply, please send your LinkedIn profile link (or CV) and motivation letter to by March 13 and we will contact you shortly.