RR Software as a Service (SaaS) platform increases efficiency in the ways of getting leftover materials from garment and textile factories to the next user and create transparency and efficiency in these circular supply chains. Recyclers can lower cost of accessing the right materials with verified specification and factories can get fast input from the market which materials are worth to segregate separately from production.

Our ambition is not to become a broker or trader in its traditional meaning - we only intend to build an additional data layer on top of the trading system to build efficiency. For any services relating to material storage and logistics we welcome cooperation with waste management / trading / transportation and storage companies who already operate in the field of trading with textile waste. 

RR global network for textile recycling



15,376 t/month
recycling capacity  


waste handlers

10,000 t/month
collection and preparation capacity



1,000+ t/month
supply of cutting scraps segregated at source

30,000+ t/month 
waste supply mapped out