Recently, our white paper explained that manufacturers producing textiles and clothes for many of the world’s major fashion brands and retail outlets are “spilling” an average of 25% of virgin material resources, much higher than previously perceived. This figure has been supported by other organisations working in this field, including WRAP and opens up an important conversation around the management of textile leftovers – much of which is treated as waste.

The project launched now with MADE-BY will have direct benefit for the participants and will also develop lessons for the wider industry. The project is targeted initially at European apparel brands and retailers, as well as suppliers in Europe and in Asia. Companies taking part will receive subsidised expertise and support. The project measures material leftovers, explores ways to reduce the spillage rate and identifies recycling and re-manufacturing solutions that ensure leftovers move up the waste hierarchy, avoiding incineration and landfill.

Brands, retailers, and suppliers who are interested in learning more, keeping in touch or getting involved in the project can contact the MADE-BY project lead at More information is also available at

MADE-BY is an award-winning European not-for-profit organisation acting to improve environmental and social conditions within the fashion industry. It is MADE-BY’s mission to ‘Make Sustainable Fashion Common Practice’ and they have worked with over 100 brands, retailers and sector bodies on bespoke consultancy, policy advice, and through their industry leading performance tracking tool MODE Tracker.

ECAP (European Clothing Action Plan) is an exciting project that will bring environmental and economic benefit to the clothing sector. Its holistic approach encompasses sustainable design, production, consumption, public procurement, collection and recycling through to reprocessing. The project focuses on the clothing supply chain specifically to reduce waste and to bring about effective waste recovery. Retailers, brands, suppliers, public sector, re-use and recycling organisations and charities are all encouraged to commit to a target-based Clothing Action Plan that will be supported by a consumer campaign to change behaviour.

Through ECAP, the project is supported by WRAP, a not for profit organisation and registered charity in UK (first established in 2000) whose vision is a world where resources are used sustainably. WRAP works with governments, businesses and communities to deliver practical solutions to improve resource efficiency.